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Electrostatic Painting and Restoration of Lockers for both Schools and Business

School Lockers:

Transitioning from keeping our personal belonging under the classroom desk to being assigned a school locker provides students with space to keep text books to backpacks and lunch boxes. Beyond school items, it's a personal sanctuary to keep items from home. The lockers are a place to gather between classes or at lunch. A place to put on makeup or comb your hair before the next class. We are in and out of our lockers every day and multiple times a day, thru out the course of the school year. The school locker gets a lot of use and abuse! Slamming doors, spilled liquids, old tape and the general loading of too many items causing the door to twist and bend adds to the overall wear and tear of these storage devices causing paint to crack and chip. Many school student lockers are located in hallways between the classrooms and are installed at the time of the building's construction. Retrofitting new lockers into an existing space can be both a challenging and an expensive undertaking as older unit sizes and styles may not be currently available. It's always best to look after and service your lockers on a regular schedule than to buy new units.

School Gym Lockers:

Many schools with sport programs also keep and maintain gym lockers for P.E. and after school sport programs. The ventilated school gym lockers get plenty of abuse too. Typically, the school gym locker is secured by a student's personal combination lock. Opening and closing of the gym locks causes damage to the face of the lockers and after years of wear, the peeling and chipping paint can cause damage and decay. Locker rooms with showers are of particular concern. Beyond unsightly "hard-use", the exposed bare metal in these moist environments will lead to rust and further corrosion of interiors and patricians. Along with the gym lockers, changing room benches provide the perfect seat for setting wet towels or while tying shoes. These surfaces also need maintenance and a regular paint refinishing schedule.

Work Lockers:

Businesses also use lockers for their employees. From hotel workers to grocery store clerks, workers use the company locker to store their uniforms and personal items. Police officer who prepares to face the challenges on the streets of their community use work lockers on a daily basis. They too need regular attention and maintenance.

Fitness Center Lockers:

Fitness centers need to provide their clients with clean and well-maintained lockers, it's a sign that the business is concerned with the overall health and wellness of its customers. With well maintained dressing rooms, the management and staff reassure their customer that the gym is doing what they can to protect the individual from viruses and airborne pathogens. A regular maintenance program including restoration and painting are needed for these institutions.

Lockers provide a convenient way to store personal items and keep them safe and secure whether at school, the gym or work. Maintaining expensive lockers is a must. A Wilson and Hampton Painting consultant can evaluate and provide you with a course of action that can bring your lockers back to "like new" condition.


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